Mazda has always been ahead of its time. With innovative design features, artistic body shapes, and an agile lineup of powerful sedans and SUVs, the selection from the Japanese brand is well-known for its collision of luxury and originality. The same goes for powertrain innovations, and as most Fort Myers drivers will know, the introduction of all-electric and hybrid capabilities under the hood is the future of the automotive world.

Mazda is certainly not late to the game, as the brand features several upcoming hybrid options among the sedan and SUV lineup. Instead of jumping in the electric motor world with short lifespans and lackluster performance numbers, Mazda has chosen to carefully craft hybrid vehicles made for success. Learn more about what you can look forward to arriving at your dealership near Cape Coral.

The Mazda3

The Mazda3 has long been beloved for its innovative stance and sleek design features that make it a reliable and agile sedan to take on the road of Fort Myers. In fact, very popular in our inventory, the Mazda3 sedan proves to be a great daily driver or companion for long road trips and spontaneous adventures. Offered as both a hatchback and a traditional sedan, this option is perfect for many different types of drivers and never fails to offer heart-thumping performance.

With the upcoming hybrid model about to grace the stage, all of those features you originally loved about the Mazda3 are even more improved. Based on the classic Skyactiv engine, the hybrid version of the Mazda3 will feature a Skyactiv-X engine with M Hyrbid system e-motor. This combination uses an impressively high compression ratio to churn out heart-stopping performance numbers and longer drives between the pump.

The e-motor utilizes regenerative braking technology, as many hybrids do, but it doesn't drive the wheels with the gas engine. The addition of a stop-start system makes things run well and also saves on emissions output and gasoline consumption.

The Mazda CX-30

The Mazda CX-30 is a popular crossover of the SUV lineup. Able to strike the perfect balance between all-terrain agility, cargo space, and a luxurious exterior, this highly capable model offers you and your Cape Coral family everything you've ever wanted in an SUV without the bulky and lackluster sports-details you find on other crossover vehicles. Get that attractive, luxury styling you really want in a compact SUV.

The innovations don't stop there, however. Coming soon is a hybrid combination that makes for exciting performance and plenty of gas mileage. Similar to its hybrid sedan counterpart, the Mazda CX-30 will feature a Skyactiv-X engine paired with the M Hybrid, mild hybrid system. You'll find performance boosts and great fuel economy that runs smoothly across all terrains and offers plenty of get-up-and-go on the highway. Again, regenerative braking helps save on battery and G-Vectoring Control offers a confident drive thanks to pragmatic torque management. This upcoming crossover answers many of the requests from Cape Coral drivers, and we can't wait for it to hit our lots so you can test it out.

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If you're someone who values driving a vehicle that has all the comfort amenities you need to enjoy your ride, but the powertrain that's cognizant of its emissions and fuel consumption, look towards the Mazda lineup for their future hybrid models. Consistently known for innovations in the automotive world, the latest from the brand in terms of powertrain innovation will be no doubt impressive.

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