So, you're concerned about the long-term reliability of your car. Whether you've noticed an issue with performance, or you're simply interested in keeping tabs on your vehicle's health, keeping track of issues as they come is an important part of owing any vehicle. Here are a few ways to monitor your vehicle and identify problems.

Dash Lights and Warning Lights: Modern cars are equipped with gauge cluster indicator lights that inform the driver of important maintenance intervals or problems that the car is facing. From oil change indicators to overheating warnings, it's important to pay attention to these lights. They are often the starting point to identifying issues with a vehicle.

Pay Attention to Performance: If you notice something amiss with the way your car is driving and performing, your hunch may be correct. If your vehicle is making strange sounds, riding oddly, or producing other signs of wear and tear, schedule an inspection with your local service center here at O'Brien Mazda of Fort Myers to get it diagnosed.

OBDII Scan: Modern cars are built with a computerized diagnostics system called OBDII. This system can detect issues and produce codes that identify them. It's a simple task to connect an OBDII code reader and get the diagnosis. While some drivers may feel comfortable doing this, it's recommended to consult a professional technician for assistance.

Professional Inspection: The best way to get a clear idea of what's wrong with your vehicle is to get an inspection from the professionals. Auto technicians have an understanding of the engineering in your vehicle that can help them identify problems quickly.

O'Brien Mazda of Fort Myers is strongly committed to helping local drivers identify and correct problems in their vehicles with proper repairs. If you think something is wrong with your car, truck, or SUV, give us a call. We can get you in for a diagnosis appointment at your convenience.

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